About us

A Company You Can Trust:

Located in Shenzhen China, our company is a professional manufacturer of muslim clocks. We start azan clock production from 1999 and digital azan clock from 2003 ,we have a good reputation in this field. Our products have won praises from customers worldwide.

Objective :

Seek for achieving the confidence basis within the mutual responsibility.


To be always occupying the  first ranked in the design and manufacturing of the Islamic clocks & watches within the Gulf region and the Arab & Muslim world generally.

Our Mission:

■   To maintain our leadership position in the field of Islamic Clocks.

■  To perform within strictly responsibility and to adopt creativity & innovation as an approach expressing our mission.

■   to offer competitive Islamic products and services distinguished by high quality.

■   To become the first choice for our customers to meet their needs of Islamic Clocks.

Our Constant Values​​:

■   Honesty: is the key value that drives our daily work.

■    Priority: Customer satisfaction is our major goal, so we'll set up our knowledge, our best, and our experience in this area.

■   Trust: our customers will earn trust through our achievements.

■   Resolution: Whatever challenge, via our resolution, we will overcome such challenges.

■   Affiliation: We are all considered as a part of this entity, therefore we're all working towards our main value of success and expansion.

■   Accountability: the success of our customers is our success, that our work's methodology & solutions have brought us to the tangible results.

■   Our Consultants: they are the best and professional performance, and that proud themselves together "Al-Harameen" products is the source of our giving.

■    Teamwork : We are working on the basis of one teamwork, and having the same objectives. Therefore, the cooperation and participation is extremely for everyone.

■    Commitment: The customer is the key factor for our development