Wall azan clock


Complete azan for all prayers (with volume control)
Prayer times for most cities around the world
Qibla direction(relative to the North)
Hijri and Gregorian calendars

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*Complete azan for all prayers

Characterized AL-HARAMEEN O’clock with A high quality  Azan sound for all prayers with azan volume control fitted in all clock models.


*Nine system taqweem programmed in clock

AL-HARAMEEN uses the local taqweem or the most widely used taqweem system for your city. Other standard taqweem systems are available as follows:

*(DF) Local taqween

Saudi Arabia Taqweem Um Al-Qura

Gulf countries & Arabian Peninsula local taqween

Jordan and Palestine: Jordanian taqween

Egypt and other Arab countries: Egyptian taqween

North America: Union Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)

Indian subcontinent: University of Islamic Sciences

Europe and other countries Islamic World Organization


•(H) Selection Hanafi method for ASR

•F: 15 Umm al-Qura taqweem

•F: 18 Umm al-Qura taqweem

•F: 19 Umm al-Qura taqweem

• 18.17 Muslim World League (Muslim League)

• 19:17 Egyptian taqweem (Egypt)

• 18: 18 University of Science Islamic in Karachi (Hanafi taqweem)

• 15:15 Union Islamic Society of North America (ISNA)

•1:30 fixed timeFajr time is determined as a fixed interval of time before shrooq time.

Isha time is determined as a fixed interval of time after Magrib azan. This system is used in Northern Europe.


*Automatic Iqamah  alarm for all prayer   
This unique feature remind you every day exactly at the same time relative to azan. For example, suppose you set the alarm to 5:15 AM and the Fajr azan is at 5:05 AM. On the next day, if Fajr azan becomes 5:06 AM, then automatically this alarm will change to 5:16 AM. In this case, you will wake up 10 minutes after Fajr azan every day. 




Fajr Azan

Fajr Alarm


5:05 AM

5:15 AM


5:06 AM

5:16 AM automatically changes to 5:16

*Daily alarm : Alarm to work and school
The daily alarm is a regular alarm that rings at the same time everyday. Moreover, this alarm can be set not to ring on weekends.


*Qibla direction
Qibla direction (relative to the North) can be displayed.



Qibla angle will also be displayed between 0 and 360 degree, clockwise from North.



*Hijri and gregorian calendars

AL harameen clock can be displayed both the Hijr and Gregorian calendars every 10 seconds or you can choose one of them press H-G when displayed .  
The Hijri calendar follows the Gregorian date and is based on the astronomical moon sighting at Mecca.


*Temprature display 
Temperature reading in Celsius (°C) and Faharaten (°F) is displayed.


 *Snooze option


*DC 6 Volts external input 300MA


*Audio  out  (Connect with speaker)


*Daylight Saving Time option ( for countries using this system )


*Gentle prayers reminder ( when azan sound is turned off )


*Could easily add a new city(Longitude & Longitude&GMT information)


*Could easily modify the diference time prayer to the outskirts of cities adopted it


*Crescendo sound: All alarms have gentle wake-up sound that increase gradually


*One Time Alarm,In addition to Fajr and daily alarms, AL-HARAMEEN clock includes an extra alarm ( called 1-Day alarm ). It can be set to ring for special appointments.


*Packing information


product size:230*50*473mm

one pcs n.w :1.16kgs


G.W:  13.9kgs


carton size:51.5*35.5*43.5cm

Note: to set any one of features, please look up user guide.