Holy qur' an


Complete Holy quran
Can repeats the reverses for student memorize easily
Reverse of magic and bad eye and devil touch(Ruqiah Alayn Al-saher-Almas)

Features >>

■ Ability to control the apparatus to read for a limited period and automatically closed

■ Daily athkar(morning and evening)

■ Six daily alarms with select of 14 azan voices and daily athkar and al-ruqiah

■ Ability to adjust clock to read to Daily athkar

■ Ability to use the clock as speaker,MP3 or computer

■ Complete screen lighting

■ Packing information

product size:198*69*57*mm

1pc N.w : 0.76kgs

G.w: 15.2kgs

N.w: 14.2kgs

Carton size:48.5*37.1*39.5cm